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Short Courses
Triton Technology Ltd. now offers a range of short courses tailored to your particular organisation's needs. These can be conducted either at your own premises or at Triton Technology's head office in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

Example courses are;
Polymers for beginners
This assumes no previous knowledge and is designed for staff involved in a polymer or elastomer industrial environment that requires a grounding in the basics of polymer science. This one day course is recommended for groups of no more than 10 participants at one time.
Characterisation of materials using Thermal Analytical techniques
This is an advanced course providing in depth introduction and hands on experience with techniques such as DMA, DSC, DETA, TGA etc. It covers the theory of the techniques involved, hands on operation and interpretation of the data produced. This 3 day course assumes a level of basic knowledge and is designed for small groups of no more than 6 participants at one time.
Effective use of Dynamic Mechanical Analysers
A two day hands on course providing in depth training for both new and existing users. Understanding stiffness range of the equipment, choosing optimum geometries, understanding clamping errors, obtaining good modulus data etc. Maximum number of participants recommended for the course is no more than 6 at one time.
Basics of Thermal Analysis
How do they work? Which technique provides what information? How do I choose the correct technique? This one day taster can answer all these queries and more. This course can be run as a one to one session or accommodate up to 20 people.
How to choose and buy the correct Thermal Analyser
Advice and guidance on; Understanding specifications, useful equipment features, future proofing, upgrading, running and repair costs. Or alternatively, why not let Triton handle the whole process? They can provide an evaluation of your needs, interface with the instrument suppliers, negotiate the best deal and ensure correct commissioning on site. Triton Technology has networked with all the major suppliers but remains fully independent. Key personnel at Triton Technology have in excess of 100 man years experience in the sector.
If you would like to know more about any of the above please do contact us directly where you will find us happy to help.
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